Event Id : 109

Event Name : Chem-O-Rocket

Event Brief :

The event deals with 3 rounds mainly condition with following details based on different angles (45,60,90) 1) Distance Round (based on distance covered) 2) Time Round ( time till which the rocket stays in air) 3) Speed Round ( distance + time)

Event Coordinator :

Nikhil Palherkar(8003899274)
Niravkumar Raykundaliya(9924484108)

Student Coordinator :


Sunny Barad(8401677606)
Rahul Parmar(7984231655)

Vishal Chovatiya(9429411503)

Utsav Sakhareliya(9558478780)

Miral Vadodariya(7202894048)

Aswathy S (9638440911)

Bhargav Chavda(9537971224)

Parimal Mathasoliya(9601976674)

Patel Jay(7069441555)

Unadpotra Maksud(9725261237)

Dharamjeetsinh Zala(8238419314)

Jay Kansara(7016200995)

Divyeshkumar Bhadiyadra(9723637277)

Rushi Maheta(8128913778)
Ramani Sagar(7433815366)
Sekhada Savan(7878761213)

Mohit Manshani (8460460758)

Darshan patel (7567529054)

Event Date and Time :

22 March (Thursday) 2018, 10 am to 3 pm

Location :

Front road of PG building

Rules / Guidelines / Judging Criteria For Chem-O-Rocket

- Judging Criteria :

-Maximum distance covered
-Maximum time of flying

- Entry Rules & Guidelines :

     -College ID card and Registration Receipt will be mandatory during the event.

     -Reach on time or else the respective team will be disqualified.

    -Range of Building Rocket container is from 1 litre to 2 litre bottle.

    -No Fire, No Hazardous Chemicals.

    -Air Pump is allowed.

    -Materials of operating the rocket should be brought by the respective teams.

    -Rocket rounds are based on firing the rockets from angles of 45 Degree , 90 Degree and 60 Degree.

    -You can add any equipment to keep the rocket for maximum time in the air.

    -Teams who misbehave during the event will be disqualified.

    -Maximum 2 persons per team.

     -Rules can be changed according to the conditions in the event.

    -All rounds will be conducted on a single day (22 March).

     -The teams must strictly follow all the deadlines falling to which will lead to disqualification.

    -The decision of the event manager will be final and will not be subjected to anychange.


-1st Runner up
-2nd Runner up

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