MERAKI Fashion show

Event Id : 11

Event Name : MERAKI Fashion show

Event Brief :

You feel you’re extremely endowed when it comes to your poise and your passion, your facet and your fashion - but here is the catch : it won’t be good enough ! The ramp is your theatre - Your walk needs to be the apt act, your attitude should be your attire and only then can you set the stage on fir

Event Coordinator :

Prof. Krishna Unadkat             9978900379
Prof. Viral Tolia                       9979981794

Dr. Mahipal Gadhavi               99984 59028

Prof.Jitendra  patoliya             9974280236

Dr. AnupamaDave                  99096 47520

Prof. Pritha Gawande             9970937390

Student Coordinator :

Mr. ARVIND RAJ             9562842356
MR JOHN VARGHESE       9587802340
MR NILESH SOLANKI       9737911908
Mr Apruva shah               9898979415

Event Date and Time :

23/03/2018   18:30  hrs onwards

Location :


Rules / Guidelines / Judging Criteria For MERAKI Fashion show

- Judging Criteria :

  1. Stage Coverage 10 marks 
  2. theme    10 marks
  3. team Coordination 10 marks 
  4. Costumes 10 marks
  5. Props & Colours 10 marks 

- Entry Rules & Guidelines :

More than 12 participants not allowed.

4.     Fashion show will be a theme based performance for students. The best of the themes will be declared as winners. Sequence should not carry any dramatic act.

5.     Unwanted/ Objectionable objects like: - bikes, pets, fire-crackers, No glitter, live flame, smoke generators or projectiles of any kind are not allowed in show. Teams can be disqualified for the usage of same.

6.     One Round event: -12 minutes will be given to each team to present their sequence. (Including setup and the performance both) Use of props and colors are encouraged for this sequence.

7.     Interdepartmental team formations are permitted.

8.     Only 12teams selected after audition will perform in the Final Show. The decision of coordinators will be final. The selected teams only would register.

9.     No registration money would be refunded in any case.

10.  The final teams need to register the theme of performance. Themes cannot be changed or copied. Any such activity will call for disqualifying the team.

11. Teams will be judged on costumes, theme, walking stance, attitude, team co ordinations and on-stage formations.


12.  All the teams will need to report to the venue before an hour with all participants. Time management is a crucial part of the show.

13.  The team sequence will be communicated in advance. Make sure that the participants are ready according to their sequence timing.

14.  All the teams should bring their music in CD and Pen drive both the formats.

15. Vulgarity is strongly prohibited.

16. No participant is allowed to participate in multiple teams.

17. In case of any discrepancies’ or disputes, decision of organizing committee will be final and binding to all, in case of event, Decision of the judges will be final.

18. Only Marwadi University / MEFGI students will be allowed to participate.

19. No detained students are allowed to participate. If detained students are found in the team, the team will be disqualified.

20. Registration fee :  Rs.1000/- Per Participant (students with I Cards) 



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