Spell BEE - Spell Warriors

Event Id : 12

Event Name : Spell BEE - Spell Warriors

Event Brief :

"The words you speak become the house you live in." SPELL WARRIORS aims to involve student in practicing accurate language through spelling skills, vocabulary, learning concepts and pronunciation.

Event Coordinator :

-Prof. Rhuta Mehta (7069071364)
-Prof. Heeranmayee Vaidya (9408047159)
-Prof. Aanchal Vardhani (9033315018)

Student Coordinator :

1. Kasturi AIyer (MBA-2-7874990624)
2. Simrill Daniel (MBA-2-8238897894)
3. Nupur Shingala (BBA-2-9898084252)
4. Rashmi Singh (BBA-2- 9534075918)
5. Bhakti Makwana (BBA-2- 9537955492)
6. Devanshi Rupareliya (BCom-2-9978445327)
7. Mimansha Dave (BCom-2-9998736708)
8. Neha Paraiya (BCom-2)
9. Jay Thakrar (BCom-2)
10. Ankit Dubey (MBA-2)

Event Date and Time :

Date : 22/03/18
Time : 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Location :

 MA413 (A-wing) (4th Floor) (Room no-413)
 MA414 (A-wing) (4th Floor) (Room no-414)
 MA415 (A-wing) (4th Floor) (Room no-415)

Rules / Guidelines / Judging Criteria For Spell BEE - Spell Warriors

- Judging Criteria :

NAME OF THE JUDGE : Dr. Vijayalakshmi (Marwadi University)

Best of three wins.

The judges determine whether or not the word was spelled correctly. The judges are in complete control of spell bee. Their decisionshall be final and everybody will abide by their decision. Any questions relating to the spelling of the word shall be referred to the judge immediately. No protest shall be entertained after the word has been given to another speller.

The pronouncer announces the word to be spelled. She/ He speaks slowly and clearly, without distorting the normal pronunciation of the word. If  tiebreaker word is unclear to the contestant, it is the responsibility of the contestant to request that the word be re-pronounced.

- Entry Rules & Guidelines :


War of words

“The words you speak become the house you live in.” SPELL WARRIORS aims to involve student in practicing accurate language through spellingskills, vocabulary, learning concepts and pronunciation.


 Students from any stream can participate in the event.


The game can be only played in team. A team must consist of only and only 3 members.

Participants must carry their identity card at the time of competition. Without identity card, participant would not be allowed to participate in event. There will be a team of three members.

In elimination round only TWO members of team will be allowed to participate.

Elimination round

Elimination Round- A MCQ format (Multiple Choice Question)written test will be conducted for students. They will be asked to select the correct spellings and other vocabulary skills of 30 words given to each pair for15 minutes.

Then, the competition consists of four different segments :

* Top scorers from every team will make it to Phase- I of the competition.


This phase includes Scrabble game for the teams, for which the time limit would be five minutes.The team which can find maximum words will be the maximum scorer team and eligible to accelerate to the next level of the game.


Semi-Final:- In this round student will be asked to render correct spelling of the words given to them by pronouncer.

        Participants will be given two minutes where in first one and  half minute-“Regular time”,participants will be allowed to ask pronouncer  in case of query

        Within the last thirty seconds- “Finish time”participants will answer.

Phase –III

The Championship: This round will include combination of two things where students have to spell the word pronounced to them and in the other segment they have to pronounce the word given to them in written format.Time limit for each team would be five minutes.


-Winner team
-1st runner up team
- 2nd runner up team

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