Stock Rush Stock Markt Game

Event Id : 13

Event Name : Stock Rush Stock Markt Game

Event Brief :

The "Stock Rush" is a stock market game where in the participants will get virtual money to be invested in a popular web portal. This game will acquaint the students with the stock market and help them in understanding the functioning of the actual stock market. Young enterprising finance graduates

Event Coordinator :

- Dr. Kapil Shrimal - (Mob.: 9978938182)
- Mrs. Krishna Joshi - (Mob.:9978938182)
- Dr. Alpesh Gajera - (Mob.: 9909312335)

Student Coordinator :

- Mr. Hardik Ranpara - (Mob.: 8758008420)
- Mr. Hiren Dodiya - (Mob.: 8866175411)

Event Date and Time :

- Date : 22-03-2018
- Time:  08:00 AM TO 4:00 PM

Location :

- MB413 (B WING) (4th Floor) (Room No. 413)
- MB412 Computer Lab (B WING) (4th Floor) (Room No. 412)

Rules / Guidelines / Judging Criteria For Stock Rush Stock Markt Game

- Judging Criteria :

- NA

- Entry Rules & Guidelines :

- Eligibility criteria: All under graduate or post graduate students from any discipline shall be allowed to participate in the event.

- Rules and Regulations:

1. There shall be Minimum and maximum of two members per group.
2. Initially there will be a screening test and 30 teams will be selected.
3. Screening will be based on 25 MCQ type questions related to the basics of stock market.
4. For each right answer one team will get 2 marks and for each wrong answer there will be a negative marking of one mark per question. Top 30 teams will be selected through this process. 
5. All the participants should assemble at the computer lab along with their ID cards One hour before the event.
6. Only one computer shall be allotted to one group.
7. Participants shall login to system with unique identification number provided by hosts only.
8. Participants shall get a virtual money limit of Rs. 15 Lakhs and it is mandatory to exhaust the complete money. **
9. There shall be an investment limit of Minimum 5 Stocks with 10 trade.
10. Participant is free to pursue any stock trading strategy.
11. Once the investment is done, no changes can be made.
12. Judge’s decision shall remain final and abiding.
13. Only intra-day trading is allowed. 


 - Winner, 1st Runner Up, 2nd Runner Up

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