Event Id : 15

Event Name : B-plan

Event Brief :

This Competition is intended to enhance the business skills of current undergraduate and postgraduate student community.

Event Coordinator :

- Dr. Suneet Saxena (M)9979066332
- Dr. Prasanta Chatterjee Biswas (M)9601851217
- Ms. Nita Meghani (M)7698810339

Student Coordinator :

- Gaurav Derodra (M)9574046470
- Charmi Khant (M) 9408103383
- Apurva Shukla (M) 8128600528
- Janvi Bhalara (M) 9773280372
- Hardev Khachar (M) 9106656201
- Shayona Hirapara (M) 9104459535
- Hrutika Jhala (M) 9687768068
- Hilal Mathakiya (M) 8735012981

Event Date and Time :

- "Date: 23/03/2018"
- "Time: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm"

Location :

- MA401 & MA402 (A Wing) (4th Floor)

Rules / Guidelines / Judging Criteria For B-plan

- Judging Criteria :

1. Value created by the new product/services.
2. Attractiveness of the market opportunity.
3. Competitive advantage of the proposed venture.
4. Operational and technology viability.
5. Capability of the management team.
6. Capital requirements and financial forecast.
7. Marketing and Pricing Strategies.
8. Strength of the oratory and Power Point Presentation. 

- Entry Rules & Guidelines :

Business Plan Outline
-Description of Business: Provide some information like innovative features of the product or service you wish to offer.
-Growth Potential: What is the potential for your business? (What do you hope to achieve in one to three years’ time?) How will you identify customer requirements with regard to your product or service?
-HR Plan: Management Structure, Skill & Development, Job satisfaction and Remuneration.
-Operations Plan: Business premises, Details of equipment/machinery/vehicles, List of your main suppliers , Plan on contingency suppliers in case of emergencies, quality management, Strategies for good and effective management
-Sales & Profit Forecast: Give a summary of the sales and profit forecast figures (for the next three years).
-The Market: Which markets do you intend to target? Marketing Strategies.
-Where do you plan to sell your product or service?(
Directly from the factory/From a showroom/E-Commerce/Other(give details)
-Financial Requirements: How much money would your requirements ( 1.To start the business, 2. To sustain your business during the first three years, 3. BEP analysis )
-Utilization of Finances: What will the loan/overdraft/investment be used for?
-Where will you source your funding from: Loan,Bank Overdraft, Personal funds ?
-Repayment of Loans: How long do you expect the loan repaymentperiod to be?
-Budget: Comparison of actualperformance versus budgeted performance.
-List of Critical Issues for the Success of the Project :Present a list ofthe critical success factors most likely to affect your project.
SWOT analysis: The internal strengths and weaknesses of your business, and to identifyexternal threats and potential opportunities

-Areas of Business Plan (FMCG sector / Agro Food Processes / Service Sector / Financial Market)

Round No 1: ( Elimination Round) 
The participating team shall present their Outline [Refer Business Plan Outline] from the given areas of  business plan ( Both Hard and Soft Copy)
Time Duration : 7 minutes.

Round No 2 ( Final Round) 
The selected Teams present their same comprehensive Business Plan followed by Q & A sessions. 

Time Duration: 15 Minutes.

In case of any discrepancies’ or disputes, decision of organizing committee will be final and binding to all in case of event, the decision of the judges will remain final.



- Winner, 1st Runner Up, 2nd Runner Up

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