Event Id : 18

Event Name : Chem-O-Car

Event Brief :

Its a Car Race event, in which the car should run on chemical reaction (like vinegar + baking soda). The race has 3 rounds. 1) Distance Round (based on distance covered by car) 2) Obstacle Round (car running through pebbles etc.) 3) Wall Round (car running through wall)

Event Coordinator :

Niravkumar Raykundaliya(9924484108)
Jitesh Joshi(9979722112)

Student Coordinator :

Jemin Makadia (7574848502)
Kenil Kakadiya (8460979179)
Dhruv Kikani (7046481509)
Punit Vaghasiya (8758981822)
Vishal Khetiya (9712301066)
Jaymin Patoliya (7046514196)
Keyur Timbadiya (8141522288)
Rajni Alagiya (9624465202)

Event Date and Time :

23-March 2018 (Friday), 10 am to 3 pm

Location :

Front road of PG building

Rules / Guidelines / Judging Criteria For Chem-O-Car

- Judging Criteria :

Round 1:-Maximum distance covered
Round 2:-Maximum distance covered facing all the obstacles
Round 3:-Maximum number of bottles knocked down

- Entry Rules & Guidelines :

        -Maximum 4 persons allowed in each team.

        -All disputes will be settled by the organizers exclusively.

        -All means of mechanism except chemical reaction will be disqualified.

        -Fire crackers are not allowed.

        -Use innovative methods.

- The reaction container size must not exceed 1.5 litre


-1st Runner up
-2nd Runner up

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