Blind Coding

Event Id : 27

Event Name : Blind Coding

Event Brief :

- As the name implies BLIND CODING participants will have to make program definition given in C language by keeping their monitor switched off. Once she/he gets done with the code, monitor will be switched on to compile and run the code as well. Quality and correctness of the code will be considered

Event Coordinator :

-Prof. Shruti Maniar (90999 28464)

Student Coordinator :

-Kandarp Dave (85111 52651)
-Nitin Khambhala  (99092 99676)
-Uday Desai (97259 37775)
-Harsh Datta (78787 89850)
-Shivam Sachdev (94273 49374)

Event Date and Time :

Time: 1st Basic Round: 1 pm
         2nd Final Round: 2:30 pm

Location :

LAB 17 LAB 18 (4th Floor)

Rules / Guidelines / Judging Criteria For Blind Coding

- Judging Criteria :

- Entry Rules & Guidelines :

  1. Student can participate in this event in group only.
  2. Group can be formed of 2 participants only.
  3. Single entry  won't be allowed.
  4. Event will be of two rounds. (First: Basic Round, Second: Final Round)
  5. Programming will be based on C. (Editor is Notepad and debugging will be in Turbo C)
  6. Monitor screen will be turned off in both the rounds.(If any of the participants found switching on the monitor that team will be disqualified from from that point of time.)
  7. In case of any discrepancy, judges decision will be final.


-Event Team (Winner, 1st Runner Up and 2nd Runner Up)

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