Mobile programing

Event Id : 36

Event Name : Mobile programing

Event Brief :

In this event participants need to perform small 3 hour task as per given definition to test their mobile app. development skills.

Event Coordinator :

-Prof. Naitik Joshi (966 254 7757)

Student Coordinator :

-Salma Theba (848 782 9360)

Event Date and Time :

Date : 23-03-2018
Time : 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Location :

MB403 (B Wing) (4th Floor) (Room No : 403)

Rules / Guidelines / Judging Criteria For Mobile programing

- Judging Criteria :

  1. Completion of small application as defined
  2. Logic of code
  3. Minimum memory and cpu use/optimisation
  4. Speed of definition completion
  5. Creativity as per candidate as per application designing

- Entry Rules & Guidelines :

  1. There can be single participant who can take part in this event.
  2. if judges give database definition, participants must use MySQL only.
  3. Participants shall not be allowed to use Internet (in PC or in any Wireless Device)
  4. Participants shall not be allowed to use USB or any medium to copy the data
  5. Participants can use only the software provided in the lab
        -Android SDK


-Winner, 1 st Runner Up and 3 rd Runner Up

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