Relay Coding(C & C++)

Event Id : 50

Event Name : Relay Coding(C & C++)

Event Brief :

It is the programming event which mainly focuses on programming & ability to understand the coding.The idea behind the event is to solve the problem statement by a team. There are 3 participants per team and each participant has to code for 20 minutes without any kind of communication between them.

Event Coordinator :

- Prof. Vidhi Garg (96461 78632)
- Prof. Samir Kariya (9427148490)
- Prof. Foram Chovatiya (84690 20685)

Student Coordinator :

- Dushyant Dave (9427503377)
- Hemant Tank (9409152515)

Event Date and Time :

Date: 22-03-2018
Time: (Round-1) 11:00am to 12:00pm
          (Round-2) 03:00pm to 04:00pm

Location :

- MC302 Lab 10, Lab 11, & Lab 12 (C Wing) (3rd Floor) 
- MB204 (B Wing) (2nd Floor) (Class Room num 204)
- MB205 (B Wing) (2nd Floor) (Class Room num 205)

Rules / Guidelines / Judging Criteria For Relay Coding(C & C++)

- Judging Criteria :

- For Round 1

The selection criteria will be based on the completion of the problem given to the participant and quality of the solution. Shortlisted teams will be selected and will be promoted to the final Round.

The decision taken by the Event Heads would be final.

- For Round 2

Judging criteria will be based on the completion of the problem, quality of solution, timing in which they completed first, and the complexity of their solution.

- Entry Rules & Guidelines :

Team Size: 3 participants
Event Time Duration: 1st round 1 hour and 2nd round 1 hour

The pre-requisites for participant in this event are sound knowledge of the following: C or C plus plus

The participants have to choose their preferred language ( C or C plus plus) out of the two before the commencement of the program. The team cannot change their preferred language in between.

Each team will be provided with 1 problem statement which they need to solve within 1 hour.

Each participant of the team will be given 20 minutes to code on the problem given to them. After first 20 minutes, the 2nd team member will continue the code written by its team member and after 20 minutes 3rd member will continue the program. Additional 5 minutes shall be provided for the switching purpose. In this 1 hour, team members are not allowed to interact with each other via any modes of communication.

The participants should report at the venue 30 minutes before the scheduled time of the event.

If less than 12 teams register for this event, there will be only one round.

If any rules are found to be broken by any of the team members, it will lead to their disqualification.

The decision of the event organizers would be final and shall not to be subject to any change.


Winner, 1st Runner Up, 2nd Runner Up

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