Mr. & Ms. MUFEST 2018

Event Id : 51

Event Name : Mr. & Ms. MUFEST 2018

Event Brief :

Overview: Mr.and Ms. MUFEST 2018 is a talent competition which gives a chance to youngsters to seek their dreams. It focuses on your inbuilt abilities. If you have that inner zeal, participate in the contest and win the crown. You will be given an open stage to be yourself and show your skills and

Event Coordinator :

Prof. Manali Modi - 9429575274 

Prof. Hena Vadi - 9426429625

Prof. Anjana Nagariya - 942829625

Student Coordinator :

Akash Chavda - 9586341029
Nishit Randhanpara - 8347566543
Dhrumil Fichadiya - 9638920989
Yash Ganatra - 9426258442

Event Date and Time :


Location :

Auditorium - 4th Floor, PG Building

Rules / Guidelines / Judging Criteria For Mr. & Ms. MUFEST 2018

- Judging Criteria :

1.  Judges will assess for their physical attributes, confidence, poise, and overall impression.
2.  Good communication skills, amiable identity, dressing attire and high intellect will lead you ahead to wear this crown.
3.  Winner of Mr. and Ms. MUFEST 2018 will be adjudged by the judges and their decision shall be Final.

- Entry Rules & Guidelines :

Rules & Regulations:
1. This Competition is only on individual entry.
2. There will no spot registration.
3. this competition Consist of 4 Rounds
4. Round 1 is of Ramp Walk, where in participants will be given 1 minute. Participant can perform ramp walk with or without probes.
5. Round 2 is of Introduction, where in participants will be given 1 minute to introduce themselves. They will have to mention their talent and its significance in their life. Selected participants will move to round 3.
6.   Round 3 is Talent round, wherein participants will have to perform their talent in 3minutes. Participants can show their talents through singing, dancing, role play, mimicry etc. Shortlisted students will move to round 4.
7.   Round 4 is Interaction round, where in participants have to respond to Judge’s questions.
8.   Winner of Mr. and Ms. MUFEST 2018 will be adjudged by the judges and their decision shall be Final.
9.   Sound and music system will be provided, participants will have to bring their music files and other necessary items like USB drive, DVDs, any other required props.
10. All the participants must report before 45 minutes before the events start time.
11. In case the participant comes late for 10 minutes, he or she will be disqualified from the contest. Event Coordinators will determine the order of acts. If you are not present when your turn comes you will be disqualified.
12. Marwadi University reserves all the right to cancel or postpone this event without prior intimation.
13. For registration, register your name at 2nd Floor Computer/IT Department Registration Desk, Central Registration Desk and website:

Mr. & Ms. MUFEST is an open stage for all who have inner zeal to participate in the contest and win the crown.


2. Mr. Glamorous & Ms. Glamorous
3. Mr. Smile & Ms. Smile

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