Logo Design

Event Id : 53

Event Name : Logo Design

Event Brief :

Event Coordinator :

-Prof. Mitesh Patel (M) 9712993715

-Prof.KirtirajsinhZala (M) 9898980047

-Prof.NikunjVadher (M) 9978446077


Student Coordinator :

-Akash Ladani(M) 9067050090
-Rajat Hadvani(M) 8141456929

Event Date and Time :

-Date: 22/03/2018
-Time:10:00 AM onwards
-Time:10:00 AM to 12:00 AM

Location :

-60 capacity computer lab(MC202)

Rules / Guidelines / Judging Criteria For Logo Design

- Judging Criteria :

-Application of the creative ideas as per the instructions given by the clients.

-Colour combinations and Look & Feel of the created graphics.

-Concept orientation must create a good impression.

- Entry Rules & Guidelines :

-Individual participation only.Participation fees will be Rs.50/- per individual.

-Each participant must contain the identity card of his/her respected institute.

-Participant is not allowed to bring his/her own Laptop.College will provide computer system with installed Logo Design software Photoshop, CorelDraw and MS-Paint. Use of internet is strictly not allowed.

-The participants shall not be allowed to use mobile or other electronic gadgets.

-It is the participant’s responsibility to check timing clashes with other events while registering for the event.

-Candidate has to remain present at the venue before 15 minutes earlier than to the timing specified for the event

-Organizer reserved the rights to change any rules or evaluation criteria, if necessary

-Participants will have to give an explanation to the judges at the end of the competition. (if required.)

-Decision taken by the judges will be consider as a final decision, and it cannot be challenged in any circumstances.

-If any misbehaviour or indiscipline shown by the participants then they will be disqualified from the events at that time.

Round 1:

-The event organizer may act as a client of international company or organization. And he/she may provide the participants with his/her requirements.

-According to his/her wish, candidate has to design a logo that must suite each and every specialized thing provided by his/her client.

Time duration: 1 Hour


Round 2:

-Based on the results of first round top 20 participants will be selected for second round. They need to design an AdvertisementBanner and make their logo (designed in round 1) fit into that banner.

-Content in the banner doesn’t matter, but template design really matters a lot.

-Time duration: 2 Hours


Winner,1st runner up,2nd runner up

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