Poster Presentation_Microbiology

Event Id : 58

Event Name : Poster Presentation_Microbiology

Event Brief :

Poster Presentation focusing on the topic "BioWorld: Miracle of Nature", i.e. Life-Science related topics, discoveries, research, inventions, innovations, etc. Students/Participants can present review based posters or present hypothesis, results and findings of their own research.

Event Coordinator :

Dr. Rushit Shukla (91-9376279453)
Dr. Krishna Kuldeep Joshi (91-7600055673)

Student Coordinator :

Event Date and Time :

22-March-2018 (Thursday), 10 am to 2 pm

Location :

Sixth floor library central area

Rules / Guidelines / Judging Criteria For Poster Presentation_Microbiology

- Judging Criteria :

  1. Title & Relevance of Poster with the Theme,
  2. Content & Arrangement of Content,
  3. Presentation & Depth of Knowledge of Presenter,
  4. Understanding about the topic,
  5. Question Answers by Judges.

- Entry Rules & Guidelines :

1. Poster topic should be relevant to theme of Event: BioWorld: Miracle of Nature
2. Poster can be Review or Research based.
3. Notmore than 4 participants per group/poster.
4. Decision of Judges/panel will be final.
5. Poster Contents
  • Title
  • Names of all authors with affiliations (presenting authors must be underlined or highlighted in bold)
  • Abstract (Applicable to Research Work/project)
  • Introduction &/or Review of Literature
  • Methods & Materials 
  • Results& Discussion (or Expected Result) (Applicable to Research Work/project)
  • References 

Size of Poster: 1.2 mtr x 0.9 mtr (Height x Breadth)


1st Prize, 2nd Prize & 3rd Prize (From Post-Graduates & Graduates)

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