Event Id : 63

Event Name : Roborace

Event Brief :

A fun event where you get to test the efficiency and power of your robot. Race it with other robots to know where it stands. Your robot should be competent enough to cross all the hurdles placed on the track and emerge to be the winner.

Event Coordinator :

1) Name: Prof. Nandlal Dheela
   Mo.: 91-9909475402

2) Name: Prof. Varinder Singh
   Mo. : 91-7990252902

Student Coordinator :

1) Name : Mr. Sanket Virani

 Mo.    : 91-9712263966

2) Name : Mr. Harshad Vaghasiya

 Mo.    : 91-9824887721

Event Date and Time :

22 March 2018 ( Thursday ) , Time - 09:30 am-01:30 pm

23 March 2018 ( Thursday ) , Time - 09:30 am-02:00 pm

Location :

In Front of Hostal-A , Near Mechanical Workshop

Rules / Guidelines / Judging Criteria For Roborace

- Judging Criteria :

- Entry Rules & Guidelines :

Event Rules:

1.      1.      A team may consist of a maximum of 4 members. Students from different colleges can form a team.

2.      Eligibility: All students with a valid ID card of their respective educational institute are eligible to participate.

3.      Other team members and the team will stand outside to the arena so that there won’t be any interference by robo.

4.      In case of wireless robots, all the robots with radio system must have a way to change frequencies or coded channels to prevent radio conflicts. There should be at least 2 frequencies or coded channels available. Lack of extra frequencies may result in disqualification.

5.      The robot should not damage the arena, in any case, it can lead to disqualification.

6.      There might be some change in any of the rules and specification.

7.      Chair Person's decision will be final and binding.

8.      In any dispute judge’s decision would be considered to be a final decision.

9.      Event Committee’s decision would be considered to be a final decision.

10.  Kindly keep the Registration form with you at the time of an event. You will be allowed only if you have registration form/copy.

11.  If any malfunction in robot and due to robot occurs during the event, the organizers will not be responsible.

12.  Point scheme will be announced before the race.

13.  If same part/component of robo has been used by more than 1 team, both teams may lead to disqualification.

Robot Specifications

1.      Only one robot is allowed per team.

2.      Maximum Dimensions: 25cm X 25cm X 25cm (L x B x H). Maximum Weight- 12 Kg

3.      The robot has to use on-board or off-board power supply.

4.      The voltage between any two points must not exceed 12V at any point of time.

5.      Maximum Battery Dimensions: 18cm X 10cm X 13cm (L x B x H).

6.      No AC supply will be allowed.

7.      Same in case of wireless robots.

8.      Only one team member is allow to operate the robot.

9.      Robot Must be waterproof.

10.  Note:- Rules may change will inform soon.

11.  Readymade robots/rc cars will be allowed with modifications like

a)      You can only use the circuit and remote of it

b)      The outer case/ body should be modified and of wood, steel, pvc pipe frame.

Wireless Robot should be either Bluetooth operated or either infrared operated




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