Modeling challenge (Creo)

Event Id : 66

Event Name : Modeling challenge (Creo)

Event Brief :

Event Coordinator :

1. Prof. Malay A. Badodariya

            Mob.   : 9429158833

            Email  :       

 2.   Prof. Parth Chanpura

            Mob. : 9725201618

           Email  :



Student Coordinator :

(1) Jatin Raiyani
      Enrollment No.: 91700101042
      Class: 2TA1
      Mo. No.: 9723262753

(2) Vashu Panseriya
      Enrollment No.: 91700101026
      Class: 2TA1
      Mo. No.: 9106823623

(3) Harsh Upadhyay
      Enrollment No.: 91710101004
      Class: 2TA1
      Mo. No.: 7359689293

(4) Mahavir Miyata
      Enrollment No.: 170573119036
      Class: 4A3
      Mo. No.: 9574143111

(5) Nisarg Lashkari
     Enrollment No.: 170573119030
     Class: 4A3
     Mo. No.: 8140131287

(6) Jadeja Pradipsinh
      Enrollment No.: 160570119024
      Class: 4A1
      Mo. No.: 7984406900


Event Date and Time :

Date: 23/03/2018
Timing: 10:30 am to 1:30 pm

Location :

Main building, A-wing, MA-513, MA-516, MA-519

Rules / Guidelines / Judging Criteria For Modeling challenge (Creo)

- Judging Criteria :

- Entry Rules & Guidelines :

1.     As the event on Day-1 and Day-2 are different soregistrations for Day-1 and Day-2 will be individual.

2.     Registration limit for Day-1 is 200 participants and forDay-2, 200 participants. Registration process will be based on first come,first served.

3.     Candidates are not allowed to use personal media likeCD/DVD/Pen Drive, mouse, etc. any external media at the time of competition.

4.     Candidates may not use their personal computer system.

5.     There must be only one participant allowed for onlyone registration, there will be no any group system allowed.

6.     At the time of competition if there will be any systemerror or failure, the final decision will be taken by Judge / Facultycoordinator.

7.     Certain rules can also be implemented during the timeof competition as required.

8.     If any misbehaviour or indiscipline shown by theparticipants then they will be                         disqualified from theevents at that time. There will be decided by Judge / Faculty coordinator.

9.     Participants must have to save their Drawing, Part andAssembly in their respective computer system on which they have completed theirwork.

10.  Prize distribution will be on second day of event.


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