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Event Brief :

Event Coordinator :

Prof. Kunal Shukla (9825858911)
Prof. Chirag Asodariya (9638134379)

Student Coordinator :

Neel Meghani (7405416755)

Event Date and Time :

22nd March, 10:30 a.m. onwards

Location :

MB 002

Rules / Guidelines / Judging Criteria For TRUSS TORNADO

- Judging Criteria :

1. In first round, the dimensions of truss will be measured and truss will be weighed.
2. Deflection of truss will be measured by applying u.d.l and afterwards load carrying capacity will be determined.

- Entry Rules & Guidelines :

Popsicle Stick specifications:

       Maximum length 115 mm, width 13 mm and thickness 3 mm.

       The Popsicle sticks can be cut or trimmed to any shape or size.

       Only SH grade Fevicol must be used to build the structure.

       Thickness of any member should not exceed 3 Popsicle stick.

Truss specifications:

       Double Bracings are allowed.

       Grooves in the structure are not allowed.

       Lap joints are not allowed at any joint.

       Cross bracings are allowed but centre of bracing should not be connected.

       Total Length of a girder should be 90 cm.

       The no. of panels in the Girder should not be more than 9.

       Height and width of the girder must be 15 cm (o/o).

       Any type of coating will not be allowed on any member.

       Once the structure is approved by authorized coordinators, modifications of any kind       will not be allowed.

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1st prize - 3000/-
2nd prize - 2000/-
3rd prize - 1000/-

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