Event Id : 78

Event Name : E-Treasurehunt

Event Brief :

Event Coordinator :

Tejas Chauhan (9574184708)
Harsh Mehta (9727822233)
Pratiti Mankodi (7359477077)

Student Coordinator :

Keval Bhogayata (9265630613)
Rujika Sajeev (8530068059)

Event Date and Time :

Both days (11:00 AM - 04:00 PM)

Location :

MC202 - Lab8

Rules / Guidelines / Judging Criteria For E-Treasurehunt

- Judging Criteria :


  • Each team will be provided 0 points in starting of Each round.
  • Qualification for next round will be based on remaining points after every round.

Round - 1

  • It contains Multiple stages.
  • Time limit – 30 minutes.
  • Each hint will deduct 5 points from the total points.
  • After completion of Round-1 10 points will be added to the total points.

Round – 2

  • Timing will be 60 min. for this round.
  • Each hint will deduct 10 points from the total points.
  • After completion of Round-2 15 points will be added to the total points.

Round – 3

  • The final stage will be of 90  min.
  • Each hint will deduct 15 points from the total points.
  • After completion of Round-3 20 points will be added to the total points.

- Entry Rules & Guidelines :

E-Treasurehunt is an astonishing world of experience about the e-treasure hunt. It is the best way to raise and explore your IQ level as well as observation skills and awareness. Mainly, there are three rounds in the event. After completing each round participant will proceed to the next level. Three rounds comprise of penetration and transcription of the given hints and clues which would be given at every stage of the round.

  • Participants can take part individually or as a team of as well.

  • Participants have to form a team with at most 3 members. (Either in 1,2 or 3 members at most).

  • Using mobile phone is banned during event timing and Internet access for each team will be given for event purpose only.

  • Participants have to bring the receipt or ID provided by the host college.

  • After connecting parts as per clues, the event coordinators will evaluate it instantly and give it back to the corresponding team.

  • Any damage done by the participant to college property will result in instant disqualification from the event and a penalty may be levied too. i.e. Participants will have to pay for the damage they incur.

  • Participants may take help from the helpers provided but then some points will be withheld from the final score of the team.

  • Team Marwadi-TechFest’18 is not to be held responsible for any physical injury that occurs to any of the participants.

  • Any internal conflicts between teams will result in the instantaneous removal of those teams.

  • Participants who exceed the given time limit will be disqualified. No excuses or justifications will be entertained.

  • The final decision will be given by Faculties/Student Coordinator only, No team or participant has the right to argue with faculties and coordinators. 


1st Runner-up
2nd Runner-up

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