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Event Name : TOWER CRANE

Event Brief :

Event Coordinator :

- Prof. ADITYA CHATURVEDI (M)9584577009/(M)8846867875
- Prof. HUSAIN RANGWALA (M)9825925152

Student Coordinator :

- Kaushal Panchasara               (M)94269 16920

- Punit Agravat                        (M)8238835588

Event Date and Time :

- Date: 22nd March, 2018 and 23rd March, 2018
- Time: Registration : 9 am
            1st Round : 10:30 am (Estimated)
            2nd Round : 11 am (23rd March,2018)

Location :


Rules / Guidelines / Judging Criteria For TOWER CRANE

- Judging Criteria :

•    Base plate:-
          Size:-   (500 mm x 200 mm) �10 mm  Mandatory
          Thickness:-  12 mm  Mandatory
          Material :- commercial plywood

•    Fixity between the base of tower & top of plywood:-
          The fixity of tower & plywood base can be provided using any material/fixing method of your choice. However   the arrangement used for fixing shall not exceed 75 mm from top of plywood.

•    Counter weight:-
          Minimum Spacing of 200 mm must be provided at the side of plywood for placing of counter weight. (see fig. 1,2)

•    Tower:-
          Size:- 100 mm* in both axis X and Y
          Height:-  450 mm (min). (see fig 1)
          Any shape of your choice. Max. dimension not exceeding  100mm�2 mm

•    Cantilever:-
          Size:-  100mm in both axis X and Y (Max.)
          80 mm in both axis X and Y (Min.)
          Length:- 0.75 h  (h=height of tower)

          Diameter of thread shall be 2 mm (Max.)
          Only COTTON thread must be used.
* indicates mandatory measurement

- Entry Rules & Guidelines :

- The tower and the cantiveler part shall be prepared using frame prepared from wooden popscicle sticks. The frame shall represent a truss system.
- Thickness of any member should not exceed 3 popscicle sticks.
- Only White adhesive eg. SH grade Fevicol can be used as a glue or joining the popscicle sticks.
- Any type of coating is not allowed on surface of popscicle sticks.
- Coating of any adhesive material is not allowed around the joint, white adhesive shall only be applied at joint.
- Weight and Measurement will be considered according to judging criteria.
- Once structure is approved by judges, no modifications are allowed in structure.
- Use of cotton thread is allowed as a tension member the cotton thread must not be used to tie joints. Size of thread is 2 mm in diameter.
- Fixity of joint at a base at tower and Plywood in the drawing is as for understanding only but if must not be beyond dimensions. (height must not exceed 75 mm see figure 1)
- Take care of spacing for counterweight.
- There is no any restriction for shape of cantilever and tower but it should not exceed the maximum dimension. Shape of figure is only for understanding.
- Plywood must be used as base plate no any modifications are allowed in plywood sheet.
- Only commercial plywood sheet must be used as a base plate.
- Length of cantilever shall be 0.75 x h from the inner face of Tower to outer face of Cantilever part. h=height of Tower from the top face of plywood sheet.
- Maximum dimension of cantilever c/s should not exceed 100 mm and not less than 80 mm.
- Maximum dimension Tower cross section could not be more than 100 mm.
- Counter weight shall be as per practical consideration of the crane.
- Height of Tower will be measured from the top surface of plywood to inner face of cantilever.
- Length of cantilever will be measured from Inner face of tower to outer face of cantilever.
- Only single bracing system shall be allowed. Cross bracing shall be deemed to disqualification.
- The bridge shall be loaded by applying the force at the free end of the cantilever through point load.
- Participant has to provide a member for attachment of hook to apply the loading.
- Failure load shall be decided on the basis of any member failure or a deformation of 150mm.
- Failure of fixity at the base shall also be considered as structural failure.
- The self-weight of the structure shall be recorded after the dimensional qualification is completed. The self-weight shall be including the weight of the plywood base.
- Winner shall be decided based on the highest ratio achieved based on equation below:
               X = Failure Load / Self-Weight

For FIGURES and FORMULA, Please visit following link



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