Ballon Burst

Event Id : 81

Event Name : Ballon Burst

Event Brief :

Very Easy task to bust and crack the balloons but....It's not like a child but its ROBO,So follow below condition " Two person, One will act as a blind and other will guide to bust the ballon "

Event Coordinator :

-Prof. Vishal Sorathiya(M) 9033316057
-Prof. Shreyash Charola(M) 9662772266

Student Coordinator :

-Abhishek Vaja (M) 9099984183
-Grenisha sagpariya
-Karan Dholakiya 
-Parijit Chakraborty (M) 8000420553
-Smit Trivedi
-Bhumi Gandecha

Event Date and Time :


Location :


Rules / Guidelines / Judging Criteria For Ballon Burst

- Judging Criteria :

Winners and runner ups will be decided depends on how much time participants take to bust the balloons in two level game

- Entry Rules & Guidelines :

-Participants are must be in pair of two.A participant who operate the robot should not able to see the track and another will guide him to bust balloons.
-No computer, programmers, cables and software will be provided, teams are required to bring their own.
-It is not allowed to reprogram the robot or to add/remove parts on the robot during the competition.
-Robot borrowed from other group also allowed but in both round robot should be same.
-Participants are not allowed to keep anything inside the arena other than the machine.
-The Wireless robot having the extra points in event.
-Time duration of first round is 5 minutes and second round is 3 minutes.
-First round is on Open 8 ft x 8 ft area and Second round contains the hurdles in that open area.
-Maximum participant not more than two.
-Decisions of the judges or coordinators are final.
-Judges/Coordinators hold the right to change the rules and guidelines without prior notification.

-Any team not present at the allotted time will be disqualified by default.
-Any member of a team found indulging in unacceptable behavior will attract disqualification for the entire team.


-Winners will decided based on types of robot used (wired or wireless)
-First level for qualifier round  
-Second level for the final round
-Less time taken for bust the balloon in both level will consider as winner, second minimum time is runner up and third minimum time  for second runner up.

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