Line follower

Event Id : 82

Event Name : Line follower

Event Brief :

Event Coordinator :

-Jigisha Sureja (94294 72330)
-Poonam Bhojani (84601 06686)

Student Coordinator :

-Jeet Masoya (88663 88480)
-Jaimish Vamja (77789 18265)
-Jagruti Yadav (99131 62432)
-Dharmishtha Chavda (97240 66768)

Event Date and Time :

-Time: 9am to 4pm

Location :

-MA102 (A-wing) (First Floor) (Room No 002)

Rules / Guidelines / Judging Criteria For Line follower

- Judging Criteria :

- Entry Rules & Guidelines :

1. No Computer, Programmer, Cable or Software will be provided, teams are required to bring their owns.
2. A same single robot can not be used by two teams.
3. Same robot must be used by the team for all official rounds.
4. Participants are not allowed to put anything inside Arena other than the machine.
5. There are no restrictions on the type of sensors the participants can use, however robot must be completely autonomous.
6. The exact path will be disclosed at the time of event.
7. Decision of the Judges/Coordinators will be final.
8. Judges/Coordinators hold the rights to change the rules and guidelines without prior notifications.


Winner, 1st Runner Up, 2nd Runner up
- In case of tie both teams will be declared as winner.

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