Poster Presentation_EC

Event Id : 84

Event Name : Poster Presentation_EC

Event Brief :

Poster Presentation competition is planed to improve the communication and presentation skills as well as to improve the ability of students to get familiarity with latest technology and trends.

Event Coordinator :

Prof.Ankit Sejani (8530042135)

Student Coordinator :

1)Kalpesh Parmar (9687999164) 4th E&C

Event Date and Time :

22-March-2018 (Thursday) - 10 am to 01 pm

Location :

MA103 & MA104

Rules / Guidelines / Judging Criteria For Poster Presentation_EC

- Judging Criteria :

Poster Presentation Judging Criteria:

The selected teams will be judged by the jury on the event day considering the following points to decide the winners

Criteria for Marking



 The topic content and impact




 Poster structure, overall appearance and readability



 Presentation skills


Your answers to the technical questions asked by the jury when you present your poster in the symposium


- Entry Rules & Guidelines :

Rules and Regulations:

● The Official Language for the poster is English.

● Poster can be made individually or in a group of maximum 3 members.

● Posters should be readable from at least 4 feet (1.2 meters).

● Poster should be self-explanatory and students should be able to explain the

queries made by the evaluation committee.

● Background, Objective,Methodology/Operation/Process, Results, Conclusion,

References/Citation. This sequence of content can be changed to team to

team and to their preferences.

● Drawing Sheet size: A1 (23x33 inches)(594mm x 841mm) 1” margin on all  sides.

● Suggested font sizes

Title: Times New Roman (90pts)

Team member’s name, guide name: Times New Roman (48pts)

Figure citation: Times New Roman (24pts)

Content:Times New Roman (30pts)

● Computer graphics may be used. Use proper citation/referencing for content

or images.

● Prepare the poster on flex banner.

● Best poster is selected based on the innovation in the topic presented by the

competitors on their posters, Quality of presentation and Dialectic Reviews.


1st Prize, 2nd Prize & 3rd Prize

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