Event Id : 94

Event Name : Megablock

Event Brief :

Design a manually controlled VEHICLE (CAR) that has capacity to cover maximum distance in shortest possible time, challenging the hurdles and be one of the best opponents. Think your vehicle can overcome any obstacle-big or small in the least of time. If so get it on the track and let the game begin

Event Coordinator :

-Asst. Prof. Jatin Raiyani        8866477545
-Asst. Prof. Arpit Panwar        8828292172

Student Coordinator :

-Mr. Harshit Kasta        9825156276

Event Date and Time :

Day 1
Time:10:30 am - 03:00 pm

Day 2
Time:10:30 am - 02:30 pm

Location :

Hostel A Block Side Lawn

Rules / Guidelines / Judging Criteria For Megablock

- Judging Criteria :

- Entry Rules & Guidelines :

1. A team may consist of maximum 4 members. Students from different colleges can form a team.

2. Eligibility: All students with a valid ID card of their respective educational institute are eligible to participate.

3. Other team members and the team will stand outside the arena. So that there should not be any interference by vehicle.

4. In case of the wireless vehicle, with radio system must have a way to change the frequencies or coded channels to prevent radio conflicts. There should be at least 2 frequencies or coded channels available. Lack of extra frequencies may result in disqualification.

5. The vehicle should not damage the arena in any case, it can lead to disqualification.

6. There might be some change in any of the rules and specification.

7. Chair person’s decision will be final and binding.

8. In case of dispute, judge’s decision would be considered the final decision.

9. Kindly keep the registration form with you at the time of the event. You will be allowed only if you have registration form/copy.

10. If any malfunction in the vehicle and due to vehicle occurs during the event, the organizers will not be responsible.

11. Point scheme will be announced before the race.

12. One vehicle will be there at a time on the track.

13. Do not allow a team who uses other team’s vehicle. If found any team who use other team’s vehicle will be immediately disqualified. 


1st Runner Up
2nd Runner Up

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