Cinemania Quest

Event Id : 315

Event Name : Cinemania Quest

Event Brief :

Cinemania Quest is a thrilling and interactive game designed to test participants' knowledge of movies and songs. In this event various riddles, posters and memes will be shown from which they have to guess the movie or first few seconds of any famous Hindi and English songs will be played and participants have to identify the correct song at the earliest.

Event Coordinator :

Name : Dr. Mital R. Soni
Mail :
Mobile Num.: 6353045355

Student Coordinator :

Hardvi Mehta (Mob. Num. 6352190203)

Jay Malaviya (Mob. Num. 9313875568)

Yash Bhensdadiya (Mob. Num. 9427807710)

Sujana Mahmadbhai Maradiya (Mob. Num.9824437825 )

Bhagirath Sanjaykumar Nakarani (Mob. Num.9265703060 )

Riteshkumar Bhaveshbhai Desai (Mob. Num.7862820628)

Event Date and Time :

Event Date: 14/03/2024
Time : 2 to 4

Location :

Event Location; MA-511

Rules / Guidelines / Judging Criteria For Cinemania Quest

- Judging Criteria :

  •         Accurate and first identification of movies or songs would earn points based on the established scoring system.

  •        Evaluate participants based on their overall performance throughout the game.

- Entry Rules & Guidelines :

  • Students from any stream can participate individually or in group of two.

  • This is fastest finger first game so the team with the immediate response will have chance to answer.

  • The team with maximum right guesses will be declared the winner

  • Any violations, such as collaboration or using external sources, could result in team will be disqualify.

  • Final rights of decision will be with judges


Exciting prizes for 1st, and 2nd place.

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