Event Id : 313

Event Name : SQUID GAME

Event Brief :

The Squid Game event has taken the youth by storm, captivating them with its thrilling concept inspired by childhood games portrayed in the series. Participants are immersed in a series of multiple rounds, each designed to test their skills, strategy, and nerve. Drawing from nostalgic games, the event infuses elements of competition and suspense, keeping everyone on the edge of their seats. As each round unfolds, participants face increasingly challenging tasks, all while navigating the intense pressure to avoid elimination. With stakes high and adrenaline pumping, the Squid Game event offers an unforgettable experience that challenges both body and mind, leaving participants eager to prove their mettle and emerge victorious.

Event Coordinator :

Prof Kajalben Tanchak

Prof Twinkle Bhimani

Prof. Shilpa Singhal

Student Coordinator :

Krish Bavarva - 9574137873
Ansh Dalsaniya - 8866499134
Jayant Hurbada
Rushit Undhad
Jeet Ratanpara
Mruga Sanghani
Palak Viramguma
Dhwani Mehra
Ajay boliya
yash Vala
rahul kapuriya
Prem kamothi

Event Date and Time :

14-03-24 9.30 AM to 5 PM

Location :

Outdoor Group, Opp Main Building

Rules / Guidelines / Judging Criteria For SQUID GAME

- Judging Criteria :

- Entry Rules & Guidelines :



Participationis for the students who register, and once you're in, there's no turning backuntil you're eliminated. The event comprises multiple rounds, each with its ownset of games and rules, which will be disclosed at the start of each round.Fair play is essential; any form of cheating will result in immediatedisqualification. To survive, participants must complete tasks within the giventime frame and adhere strictly to the rules. The ultimate goal is to outlastall others and emerge as the sole victor. Prizes await the winners at the endof the event, but only the most courageous and determined will claim them. Goodluck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!


1 Winner 

1 RunnerUp


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