Quiz on Bharatiya Knowledge System

Event Id : 327

Event Name : Quiz on Bharatiya Knowledge System

Event Brief :

This quiz is based on the Bhartiya/Bhartia Knowledge, which covers variety of topic about the culture, the ancient temple, geography, war, architecture, science, medicine, etc. about our country in the ancient time. This is a friendly educational quiz created for the students, where we can provide and gain some knowledge of how our ancient society used to work, how were the great wars were fought, what kind of miracles the ancient medicine did, how were the societies were built, and much more.

Event Coordinator :

1. chiragkumar.kathiriya@marwadieducation.edu.in
2. smit.kacha@marwadieducation.edu.in

Student Coordinator :

1. Saumil Doshi – 116546

2. Jaymin Dattani – 115967

3. Viren Vora – 116956

4. Shrey Lakhtariya – 116375

5. Ruchit Doshi – 115693

6. Khush Dobariya – 117143

7. Ramij Maraviya – 116996

8. Bansi Bhimani – 118886

9. Dimpul Dasari – 115904

10. Priya Aashiyani – 116574

11. Richa Doshi – 121998

12. Twinkle Jogiya – 120725

13. Shweta Sanathara – 121035

Event Date and Time :

14-03-24 10 AM to 12 PM,
15-03-24 9.30 AM to 11.30 AM

Location :

MB 507, MB 508.

Rules / Guidelines / Judging Criteria For Quiz on Bharatiya Knowledge System

- Judging Criteria :

 Based on Online Quiz Result.

- Entry Rules & Guidelines :

Round 1: Knockout round

-All the participates will take a quiz and the topscorers will be shortlisted for the next round

-The number participates that will commence to thenext round will be 30(the number may vary upon the number of participates)

-The shortlisted participates will advance to the nextround


Round 2: Quiz based on Audio and Image round

-The shortlisted participates will be shown an image or listen to an audio

-The questions will be based to the image/audio andthe participates will be given points accordingly

-Further on the basis of end points of all the participates, the top scorers will move to next(final) round


Round 3: Video quiz round

-This round the participate will be looking at a videoclip

-The quiz will be assembled around the video clip thati s shown to the participates

-and just like round 2, the participates will gainpoints based on the answers


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