Valorant Showdown

Event Id : 383

Event Name : Valorant Showdown

Event Brief :

Welcome to the Valorant Tournament organized as part of MUFest! This event promises to bring thrilling gaming action and competitive spirit. Please find below all the necessary details regarding participation and rules:

Event Coordinator :

Mrs. Jigna Bhanderi 

Student Coordinator :

Ankur Saroj [7043437749]
Nayan Joshi [9783886068]
Kalavadia Vatsal [8733945301] 

Event Date and Time :

13th March 11:30am - 5:30pm
14th March 9:00am - 5:30pm
15th March 9:00am - 12:30pm

Location :

SB 102, SB103 AND SB104 AT Satyarthi Building

Rules / Guidelines / Judging Criteria For Valorant Showdown

- Judging Criteria :

• The tournament is based on an elimination format.
• Day 1: All teams' matches will be conducted. The goal is to conduct matches up to the quarterfinals.
• Day 2: Quarter-finals and semi-finals will be conducted.
• Day 3: The final match will take place.
• Semi-finals will be best of 3 matches, where the team winning 2 matches moves to the finals.
• The final match will be best of 5 matches for a more intense gaming experience. The team winning 3 matches will win the tournament.

- Entry Rules & Guidelines :

Players registering solo will be assisted in forming a team by the organizing committee

A coin toss will decide which team will take attacker side and defending side, losing of coin toss will get a chance to select map, all maps are allowed no restriction on maps.

All registered players should bring their own equipment such as laptops, mouse, headphones, etc.
It is mandatory for each participant to have their own setup to ensure smooth gameplay.
Network connections will be provided by the college.
Extension boards will be available for charging laptops during the tournament.

Each team consists of 5 players.
Cheating will leads to direct disqualification.
Peaking opponent teams screen
will leads to disqualification.
Using abusive Language will also leads to penalties losing a round or leads to disqualification.
Be humble to your teammates and also with opponents.
each match will consists of 26 rounds whichever team wins 13 rounds will eventually emerges as winner.
rounds can be reduced as per convenience.
Respect towards fellow participants and organizers is expected at all times.


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