Ideas Galore

Event Id : 373

Event Name : Ideas Galore

Event Brief :

IDEAS GALORE is a platform for bring up the creative ideas of students who have immense creativity with them. Student/s have to present their creative or innovative ideas on a product or a service or on a business model or an application before a multi-disciplinary panel of judges. These ideas are evaluated on the basis of usefulness, feasibility, creativity, potentiality, and presentation of the idea.

Event Coordinator :

Dr Ramesh Safare, Phone: 9701 665038
Dr Sagar Gupta, Phone: 90283 66487

Student Coordinator :

Mr Devarshi Sadiya
Mr Kishor Jogadiya
Ms Zarna Chauhan
Mr Dev Jogiya

Event Date and Time :

13/Mar/2024 11.30 AM to 5 PM

Location :

MC 501 [Main Building]

Rules / Guidelines / Judging Criteria For Ideas Galore

- Judging Criteria :

1. Usefulness - 20 points
2. Feasibility - 20 points
3. Creativity - 20 points
4. Potentiality - 20 points
5. Presentation - 20 points

- Entry Rules & Guidelines :

1       Minimum one and a maximum of three students can register to present their idea.

2       Students participating in group registrations can be from multi-disciplinary branches (not necessarily from the same branch or department).

3       Participating students shall be necessarily from current students of Marwadi University.

4       Students are not allowed to participate with multiple registrations.

5       Ideas can be from areas like: Engineering, Social sector,Agriculture, Education, Health and Wellness, Consumer goods & services,Industrial goods & services etc.

6       Registered individual or group must upload their presentation file in MS Office - PPT form by 11/March/2024 by the end of the day using the following link

(Note: in case of a group, only one person needs to upload their ideas PPT file but, other participants also need to provide their university credentials by using the same link but not PPT file).


7       Presentation pitch will commence on 13/03/2024 from 11:30AM  to 05:00 PM. (In case a change of location, it will be intimated and updated in website).

8       While at the time of presentation only ONE person is allowed to present.

9       Participants need to bring their compatible device for presentation.

10   Your idea will be assessed on the basis of rubric: usefulness,feasibility, creativity, potentiality, and presentation of the idea (each rubric carries 20 points).

11   All the participants must be ready at the location for their turn after commencement of the presentation on 13/March/2024.

12   3 to 4 minutes are allowed for presentation followed by queries from the judging panel for about 3 to 4 minutes.

13    The decisions of the Judging Panel are final and binding to all.


1st Runner-up
2nd Runner-up

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