Data Dice Decathlon

Event Id : 357

Event Name : Data Dice Decathlon

Event Brief :

The Data Dice Decathlon is a thrilling competition designed to test the analytical skills, quick thinking, and teamwork of its participants. It consists of two rounds, each presenting unique challenges related to data analysis, probability, and basic data science. The event is structured to promote collaboration between team members while also putting their individual abilities to the test.

Event Coordinator :

      Prof. Bhumi Kotak (ICT Department, MA159,
      Ms. Sneha Khetiya (ICT Department, MA159,

Student Coordinator :

  1. Shruti Nathavani (
  2. Diya kaneriya (
  3. Dhruvi Bhalodiya (
  4. Priyanshi madani (
  5. Hitarthi Pansuriya (
  6. Sanjana Raaj Jagani (

Event Date and Time :

Round 1: 11.30AM to 1.30 PM
Round 2: 02.30 PM to 4.30PM

Location :

MA 112, MA 104

Rules / Guidelines / Judging Criteria For Data Dice Decathlon

- Judging Criteria :

Round 1: 

In the first round, team (of two members each) will roll a pair of dice. The sum of the numbers rolled on the dice will determine the parameters for the round. Let's denote the numbers on the dice as X and Y, and their sum as N. (For example, if one die shows 3 and the other shows 4, then X = 3, Y = 4, and N = 7.)

Based on the sum N, the team will be presented with a plaque containing 2N questions related to basic data analysis, probability, and data science. The team will have (N/2) seconds to solve the given questions over the plaques. The questions are designed to be solvable within a quick timeframe, testing the team's ability to analyze data and apply fundamental concepts efficiently.

Teams will earn points based on the number of questions they successfully solve within the allocated time. Additionally, teams that manage to solve atleast N questions correctly within the given timeframe will receive bonus points, rewarding both speed and accuracy.

 Round 2: 

Teams that excel in Round 1 will advance to Round 2, where they will face a new challenge. In this round, teams will be presented with a number board containing numbers ranging from 1 to 100. The objective is to reach the number 100 within the shortest possible time.

One member will roll a dice and advance by the number determined on the dice. Team will be presented with a question as per your current position on the number board. The team must answer the question correctly to roll the dice again. The team, if answering wrongly or not answering, will face the penalty of moving back two steps on the number board. And then they can roll the dice again to open up the next question. The team is required to reach the number 100, to complete their task. The game will end based on whichever is early among either reaching the number 100 or 15 minutes of time.
Your final score will be calculated based on your correct answers, time taken and number of turns involved in rolling the dice. 

In both the rounds, you will have the questions related to data analysis, probability, and basic data science. 

Overall judgement will be based on:

1.  Accuracy:  Teams are assessed based on the correctness of their answers to the questions presented in both rounds.

2.  Speed:  Time management plays a vital role in this event. Teams must demonstrate the ability to solve questions swiftly within the allocated time in Round 1.

3.  Problem-Solving Skills:  The event is designed to test participants' problem-solving abilities, particularly in the context of data analysis, probability, and basic data science concepts.

- Entry Rules & Guidelines :

1. Each team consists of two members.
2. Teams must adhere to the designated time limits for solving questions in Round 1 and completing Round 2
3. The final judgement lies with the coordinators of the event


Top teams will be decided by the MU Fest core committee

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