Revive a Court Room Drama

Event Id : 244

Event Name : Revive a Court Room Drama

Event Brief :

The event “Revive a Courtroom Drama” is a technical event presented by the Department of Faculty of Law for the MU fest. It is a cultural-based event wherein the students participating will combine their acting skills with the courtroom knowledge and revive any court room drama scene depiction from Hollywood or Bollywood. It is a group event keeping a minimum of one or two participants in a team. Through this event, the participants will get some sense of law in practice in the courtroom, and will also be helpful to enhance the knowledge and acting skills of the participants with a lot of fun. The best presenter would win the show.

Event Coordinator :

Mr. Devang R Mehta

Student Coordinator :

1) Yatri Trivedi
2) Amarjeet Parekh
3) Varada Bharad
4) Shabbir Bharmal
5) Ayushi Mehta
6) Kishan Kumar

Event Date and Time :

Event Date: 24th February, 2023
Event Time: 11:00 AM Onward 

Location :

Event Location : Moot Court Hall (LB204)

Rules / Guidelines / Judging Criteria For Revive a Court Room Drama

- Judging Criteria :

1) Dialogue Delivery : 20 Marks
2) Facial and Body Expression : 15 Marks
3) Stage set up/Costume : 05 Marks
4) Plot/Script : 10 Marks

Total Marks (Overall Performance) : 50 Marks

- Entry Rules & Guidelines :

1. The Courtroom Drama must be based on a movie, Hollywood or Bollywood.
2. Selection of the act must be focused on the theme i.e. court room drama.
3. Time limit for the performance will be maximum 15 minutes.
4. Minimum participation can be of one or two in a team.
5. Participants are at liberty to use props if any as part of their presentation.
6. No religious or vulgar satire are allowed while presenting.
No participant is allowed to take the name of any faculty member(s)
8. Minimum 2 and maximum 8 members can be participate in each team.
9. Registration fees to be paid individual.


1) Winner
2) Runner Up

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