Event Id : 314

Event Name : LaughCraft

Event Brief :

LaughCraft - a stage to showcase your mimicry skills and humor- where laughter becomes an art form! Our event is a fusion of creativity, wit, and contagious humor. Get ready for an unforgettable experience as we explore the world of laughter through various engaging activities.

Event Coordinator :

Nilam Kanjariya

Student Coordinator :

Vishwa Tilva (92200194015)
Kashish Jethwa  ( 92200194027)
Kashish Patel  ( 92200194021) 
Vaidehi Viradia (92200194025)
Jiya Shah (92301794001)
Jalak Sood (92301794002)

Event Date and Time :

14-03-24 2 PM to 5 PM

Location :

 Inner Seminar Hall 
 PG Building. 

Rules / Guidelines / Judging Criteria For LaughCraft

- Judging Criteria :

Judging criteria for Stand Up Comedy and mimicry
-Uniqueness of material
-creative use of language
-stage presence
-Comedic timing
-Body language & facial expression
-content relatability  
- Attention to Detail
- timing and rhythm
- body language
- Voice and speech patterns

- Entry Rules & Guidelines :

Participants must adhere to the event schedule and time limits for each segment.
- Respectful and inclusive language is expected from all participants.
- Any disruptive behavior may lead to disqualification.
- Judges' decisions are final.


Participants will get certificate.

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