One minutes games

Event Id : 298

Event Name : One minutes games

Event Brief :

1. Poop the potato- put potato between thigh and carry them from starting to end point. At the end poop into the dust bin. If you left in between start over again. 2. cup maze- blow a muffins cup using straw through the table having glasses in crisscross patern. At the end muffins cup should enter into tilted glass. If it doesn’t go in a crisscross pattern start over again. 3.cup tac toe- flip a half filled bottle and use cups to complete a tac toe game. 4. separation anxiety- separate thermocol balls of any single color with the help of straw- sip the balls 5. shake it off- shake off as many pegs/ cloth clips from your body.

Event Coordinator :

Meerabahen Maru

Student Coordinator :

Riya Chandigara
Mansi Manjariya

Event Date and Time :

24th and 25th February 2023

Location :

Rules / Guidelines / Judging Criteria For One minutes games

- Judging Criteria :

One who score high or complete game in one minute will be the winner

- Entry Rules & Guidelines :

strict rule is - laugh as much as you can and make other people laugh


Winner will be announced for each slot of one minute games.

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