Popsicle Bridge

Event Id : 360

Event Name : Popsicle Bridge

Event Brief :

Student need to prepare bridge using popsicle sticks by using glue, the deck of the bridge will be provided on the day of event. student can took part in a group of maximum three or as an individual. 200 popsicle stick and glue will be provided. testing of the bridge will be carried out after 12 hours.

Event Coordinator :

Prof Jay Pandya, Prof Pratik Patel, Kishan Savaliya

Student Coordinator :

Saad Mandavia
Mahaveer Jadav
Prince Pipaliya
Priyanshi Daxini
Parth Jinjala
Bhargav Dabhi

Event Date and Time :

14 & 15 March

Location :


Rules / Guidelines / Judging Criteria For Popsicle Bridge

- Judging Criteria :

1.The winning bridge is that which holds the largest load before breaking.
2.bending of the bridge more than 10cm will be considered as a failure of the bridge.
3.The bridges will be weighed before testing. In the event of a tie, the lightest bridge will be declared the winner.

- Entry Rules & Guidelines :

1. Each participant, or team, will work with approximately 200 popsicle sticks and a sheet of construction paper.
2. The finished bridge shall be built from a maximum of 180 wooden popsicle sticks using white all-purpose glue 
3. Popsicle sticks must be left whole.
4. A sheet of construction paper is to be used for the deck of the bridge, cut to fit the bridge design.
5. The bridge deck should be designed to have a matchbox car rolled across it. The car is approximately 35mm wide and 15mm high.
6. A load is applied at the top of the bridge, near the center, using a loading plate.
7. A testing machine measures the load as the bridge fails.
8. It is critical that the bridge must span a minimum 400mm gap. We recommend that the bridge be at least 450mm long to ensure that the bridge does not fall through the 400mm opening of the test apparatus.


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