Byte Hunt: IoT Trail

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Event Name : Byte Hunt: IoT Trail

Event Brief :

Byte Hunt: IoT Trail – a thrilling escapade where high-tech wizardry meets the excitement of treasure hunting! Picture yourself as a modern-day explorer, armed with nothing but your smarts, teamwork, and a trusty IoT compass, diving into a maze of clues, sensors, and enigmatic QR code puzzles. Imagine the fusion of Sherlock Holmes' brainpower, Indiana Jones' adventurous spirit, and Tony Stark's tech savvy – that's the heart of the Byte Hunt experience! With each puzzle cracked, teams edge closer to the ultimate prize: a fabled sensor/IoT hardware board, rumored to possess mind-bending powers. But wait, there's more! Once the Byte Hunt is conquered, teams embark on round two – a chance to unleash their inner inventors. Here, they breathe life into their IoT loot, crafting imaginative models to tackle real-world challenges with a dash of flair. From dreaming up smart cities to inventing futuristic gizmos, the sky's the limit! So gather your tech tribe, strap on your thinking caps, and get ready to blaze a trail through the Byte Hunt: IoT Trail. With thrills at every turn and innovation in the air, who knows what wonders await those brave enough to embark on this unforgettable journey? Join us for an adventure of a lifetime!

Event Coordinator :

Vijay Dubey
Vishal Chavda

Student Coordinator :

Name: Aryavardhan Sharma
Enrollment No: 92100133081
Contact No: 8160041305
Email ID:

Name: Shashank Bagda
Enrollment No: 92100133020
Contact Number: 91 72030 39929
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Name: Dhruvkumar Vyas
Enrollment No: 92100133017
Contact No: 91 94093 41794
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Name: Ritesh Sanchala
Enrollment No: 92200133001
Contact No: 91 91040 20304
Email ID:

Name: Mihir mithani
Contact number: 91 99041 46370
Enrollment No: 92301733025

Event Date and Time :

14-03-24 9 AM-12 PM, 2 PM-5 PM

Location :

MA 107, MA 108

Rules / Guidelines / Judging Criteria For Byte Hunt: IoT Trail

- Judging Criteria :

Round 1: Byte Hunt - IoT Trail


      Clue Solving Ability: Effectivenessin deciphering clues and navigating to the next location.

      Problem-Solving Skills: Ability toovercome challenges encountered during the Byte Hunt.

      IoT Knowledge: Understandingdemonstrated in identifying and utilizing the sensors and puzzle pieces.

      Teamwork: Collaboration andcoordination among team members throughout the event.

      Time Management: Efficiency incompleting the Byte Hunt within the allocated time frame.

Round 2: Model Construction

      Relevance to Real-Life Scenarios:Appropriateness of the model to address real-world challenges.

      Creativity and Innovation:Uniqueness and originality in the design and functionality of the models.

      Technical Proficiency: Competence inutilizing the sensors and IoT hardware board to construct the model.

      Presentation: Clarity and coherencein explaining the model and its application to the jury.

      Functionality: Effectiveness andpracticality of the model in addressing the given scenario.

- Entry Rules & Guidelines :

1. Maximum team size will be of three members
2. Participating teams must ensure timely execution of given tasks involving the respective judging criteria in both the rounds
3. Participating teams must strictly follow all the instructions given by an organizing committee.
4. All the teams must participate in both the rounds to be eligible for prizes
5. Decision taken by the judges and organizing committee will be considered final


Top two teams will qualify for awarding runners-up and winner prizes.

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