Treasure Hunt

Event Id : 282

Event Name : Treasure Hunt

Event Brief :

We came up with an excited and new concept this time. Find the opportunity to be the part of it. Explore the RAJKOT CITY as a team and make it more special and unforgettable moment of your life. A treasure hunt is a game or activity in which items are hidden in a particular area for students to search out and find. Usually, they're given a set of clues to help them do this. The “seekers” need to read each clue they find and figure out the next location.

Event Coordinator :

Ms Prakruti A Joshipura
Dr Pallavi, Prof Akshita Ghodadra,  Prof. Syed Wajid Ahmed, Prof. SudhanshuShekhar Panda, Dr Jyoti Laljani, Dr Pragnesh Navlakha, Prof. Amir Mohan


Student Coordinator :

Main Co-Coordinator Nishit Bhut(MBA semester 4) 9429123942
Shantanu Ghorai
Tisha Jitendrabhai Manek 
Deep Chandarana 
Sapna keshariya 
Makavana Mohitkumar 
Dalsaniya Harshad
Ashishkumar Jayeshbhai Dabhi
Kavita yadav
Dishant Upadhyay 
Ayushi Doshi
Vidhi Parajiya
Pratiksha Kakadia
Priyal Kotecha 
Aayushi Kakkad 
Bhagyesh M Bavda
Harshil Katba
Raj Jagdishbhai dodiya
Nandani kapadiya
Nisha sahani
Puja Sharma 
Maitri Gandhi
Nevil Siyani
Bishal Bimalbhai Hazra
Manas Mehta
Nidhi Ranpara
Vedangi Mod
Tushar Parmar
Urvashi Chhabriya

Event Date and Time :

14-03-24 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM

Location :

Outdoor, Ground of MSFL HO,  Nana Mahuva, Rajkot, Gujarat

Rules / Guidelines / Judging Criteria For Treasure Hunt

- Judging Criteria :

1 It has to be with three Round:

Firstround: first 3 clue                        Time: 9:30amto 10:30am

Secondround clue number 4 to 12:     Time: 10:45am to2:45pm

Thirdround clue 13 to 15 :                  Time: 3:15pm onward

2 Team has to be in group while playing the game for the all the time and they have to be participated in a game
3.Team must have to be complete first round in a manner and order provided at the time
4 Reporting on time for the all the rounds are very important
5 Team has to follow all the instructions clearly and seriously while playing
6 For the round 1, 2 and 3 reporting team number will be decided on the day and the time as its depends upon the registering team
7 Student must be submit all the content and clues to the designated desk at the given location
8 For the final round first three who are reporting is considered as winners

- Entry Rules & Guidelines :

1. All teams must have 5 members if any member is absent, then it leads to disqualification of the team.
2. Teams must stay together during the Treasure Hunt and are encouraged to work together to solve the clues.
3. The clues are to be found in a particular order. A team cannot skip a clue. Skipping a clue leads to disqualification of the team.
4. All the means used by the teams should be fair, in case of any violation of the rules or any use of unfair means, teams will be disqualified from the contest.
5. Organizers are free to make any changes which will be informed prior to the competition.
6. Organizing committee decisions will be final during the entire event.
7 Student must be Present student of the University
8 Student required to show Universities ID card during anytime of the game
9. Transportation Delay and trafficjam will be not considered for any delay.
10 Students are own responsible fortheir safety measure while playing
11 All students who are playing thegame are required to keep driving license with them while playing if they aredriving the vehicle.
12 Students must obey the othernorms of the University while playing the game


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