Buzz wire

Event Id : 312

Event Name : Buzz wire

Event Brief :

The object of the game is to carefully move the wire wand loop along the copper wire “maze” without touching it. When the loop touches the wire, you will hear a “BUZZ”. The goal is to be fast and at the same time to be efficient, having the least number of touches. A mix of speed and skill and winner will be decide based on complete the game in minimum time.

Event Coordinator :

Mr. Hiren Bhatt
Mo- 9924457794

Student Coordinator :

Bhargav popat
Ashish chitroda
Jenius kerelia
Jaydeep mav
Aryan Kumbhani

Event Date and Time :

13-03-24 11.30 AM to 5 PM

Location :

Outdoor, Near Workshop

Rules / Guidelines / Judging Criteria For Buzz wire

- Judging Criteria :

A mix of speed and skill, the winner will be decided based on completing the game in minimum time and with minimum or no touch to the wire.  

- Entry Rules & Guidelines :

Participation: Any student can participate.
Team size: only single participant.
Participant need to complete the wire constraint path using the loop without touching the wire.


Participants will get certificate.

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