Pharma Treasure Hunt

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Event Name : Pharma Treasure Hunt

Event Brief :

‘Be fearless in the pursuit of exploring what’s yet to be discovered’ Pharmacy-related clues will be there to hunt the treasure, where candidates having basic knowledge of pharmacy and science will be able to play. Non-pharma candidates will also be able to participate but with sufficient science knowledge. The first clue will lead to second clue and so on, ultimately the candidates need to find all the 5 hidden clues. The first six groups will be qualified to move to round-2 Treasure hunt, the idea of hunting for hidden treasures has always been exciting and adventurous. In Pharma treasure hunt, participants work in small teams to find the treasure with the help of given clues. The team who decodes the clue and finds the treasure first will win the game. The game of treasure hunt comes from the concept of scavenger hunting where participants have to find number of items from the list provided to them. Treasure hunt differentiates itself from scavenger hunting by providing given clues to find the treasure. In this digital era, treasure hunt games are organized online with the use of websites and social media handles. The first Internet scavenger hunt was organized by Rick Gates in 1992.

Event Coordinator :


Student Coordinator :


Event Date and Time :

24th and 25th February

Location :

Round-1 : 5th and 6th floor Main Building (Starting from location MA613)
Round-2: Whole campus

Rules / Guidelines / Judging Criteria For Pharma Treasure Hunt

- Judging Criteria :

Round-1: Elimination round
The first 6 groups who are able to find all the 5 clues will be selected for round-2

Round-2: Hunt the hidden treasure
The first two groups with all the correct clues will be declared as winner and runner up

- Entry Rules & Guidelines :

Only registered candidates will be allowed to play the round
Round-1: Elimination Round
In this round, only 6 groups will move forward

In this round, only those groups will be qualified who will have pharmacy knowledge
The first clue will lead to second and therefore ultimately need to find all the hidden 5 clues. The first six groups will be qualified to move to round-2
Round-2: HUNT of Hidden Treasure:
1.    In this round, only the qualified 6 groups of round-1 will be allowed to play the game
2.    Finally, the final treasure will be hidden in the whole campus and the top 3 groups will be selected
3.    The difficulty level of the clues will increase with each round.
• There will be one winning team and 1 st runner up
>> DONT's
 > Tampering or picking up more than one clue is strictly prohibited
 > Miss-behaving with the volunteer and seeking help from outside the team may lead to team disqualification
 > Organizers have the authority to disqualify any team if the rules are found to be violated
 > Volunteer may be present at each stage of the event and will monitor your progress


The first two groups qualified in round-2 will be declared as Winner and Runner up

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