BGMI event

Event Id : 311

Event Name : BGMI event

Event Brief :

BGMI gaming zone: • Game version:- BGMI 3.0 • Competition Method: Team play (4 players per team) • Registration fees per team:- RS 200 • Knockout Round match to decide the winner • It will be a two-day event. • Final winner will be declared among participating teams on the 2nd day. • Winners will be awarded.

Event Coordinator :

Dr.Munindra Lunagaria

Student Coordinator :

Ankit kumar singh (92301703036)

Ashwin nair (92301703234)

Abhay raj (210570107021)

Bhadhani Vandan Dilipbhai (92301703075)

Mihir Gorecha (92100103368)

Ayush Sudani(92100103387)

Parag Zatakiya(92100103375)

Manav Rupareliya(92100103399)

Event Date and Time :

13-03-24 14-03-24 11 AM to 5 PM, 9.30 AM to 2.30 PM

Location :

MB 213

Rules / Guidelines / Judging Criteria For BGMI event

- Judging Criteria :

-- Knockout Round match to decide winner-- It will be a two day event.-- Final winner will be declared among participating teams on the 2nd day.-- Winner will be awarded.

- Entry Rules & Guidelines :

Note: Rules Can be Changed according to the Situation of event, at runtime.


BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India)

Player Guidelines:

● Emulators are not allowed in any game mode organized. The player will be

disqualified if found using any kind of emulator.

● Any game modifying tools except ‘GFX tool’ is not allowed.

● Players can play on phones only.

● Only in-game voice chat should be used after the game is started till its


● Any use of unfair means such as aim bot, trigger bot, ESP will be disqualified.

● Late entries are not welcomed.

● Exiting a game without good reason will disqualify the team.

● The exploitation of bugs that hinders fair play will result in disqualification.

● Organizers are allowed to change the rule depending upon the situation.

● Organizers would not be held responsible for connectivity issues on the



● The entry fee would not be refunded under any circumstances.

● Organisers reserve the right to accept or reject any entry without stating a



● Participants are requested to remain ready at least 15 minutes prior to the start


any match. Late entries would not be allowed.

Tournament Guidelines:

● Players will participate as a 4 man-squad.

● Solo Players can also participate and they will be formed 4 man-squad  randomly

● Maps selected will be notified to the participants before the match.


The final rankings will decide the winners by the decision of Judges.

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