Best Vendor

Event Id : 375

Event Name : Best Vendor

Event Brief :

The event is all about understanding the demand of a product and price it accordingly for selling on a E-commerce platform, factoring in the various costs while finalizing the selling price.

Event Coordinator :

Dr. Vinod M Lakhwani - 9327164218
Dr. Srijib Jha - 9933399277
Prof. Husain Travadi - 9377247379
Prof. Vaishali Savjani - 9879708512

Student Coordinator :

KhyatiParekh   BBA Hons. -         9925483371

SimranJivani    BBA Hons. -         9106199457

ShreyaSurani   BBA Hons. -         7861971408

Jay Modi BBAHons. -                   9499805553

RajusinghRajpurohit BBA -          8356971156 

Om GhelaniBBA Hons -               9904788084

PoojanPanchani  BBA Hons -       9328244048

HetviMehta BBA Hons -              8866740139

HetanshiMehta BBA Hons -         8866040139

VijayChettiyar  BBA Hons -         9894968762

DhwaniDhalani MBA -                 7048855912

VrundaLakhwani MBA -               7046138385

Event Date and Time :

13-03-24 2 PM to 5 PM

Location :

SB 812

Rules / Guidelines / Judging Criteria For Best Vendor

- Judging Criteria :

The team which earns the maximum profit at the end of the game will be declared the winner. 

- Entry Rules & Guidelines :

1. Elimination round will consist of a quiz based on e-commerce. 

2.From Elimination Round ,Top 6 teams will play the final round, team comprises of two members.

3.Theteams will be shown a series of products along with their MRP, Cost Price and weight. 

4.They have to give a quotation for selling that product along with the number of products they want to sell through thee-commerce website.

5.The total demand of the product will be pre-decided but it will not be revealedto the teams before they provide the quotation.

6.For each product the shipping charges will vary according to the weight and location of shipping. Rates will be provided to the teams well in advance.

7.For each product listed the e-commerce website will charge fees. The vendor will have to pay this charge to the website in advance. If the vendor is notable to sell its products then this charge will be a loss to the vendor which will be deducted from the profits made by the vendor (if any).

 8.Loss or gain of each team will be calculated and shown to them at the end of each listing.

 9.The orders of the product received by thee-commerce website will be given to the vendor which has quoted least price of the product. Once the supply available with that vendor gets over the orders will be given to the vendor who has quoted second least price.

10. The team which earns the maximum profit at the end of the game will be declared the winner. 


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