Snake and ladder

Event Id : 155

Event Name : Snake and ladder

Event Brief :

Players roll a die and navigate the board. Landing on a ladder advances a player to a square further up the board while landing on a snake means they have to go back to the previous square. The aim of the game is to reach the final square. The game is a race that's based on sheer luck.

Event Coordinator :

Mr. Harshil Majethiya

Student Coordinator :

Event Date and Time :

24th February,2023 and 25th February,2023

Location :

Sports Room - Above main canteen

Rules / Guidelines / Judging Criteria For Snake and ladder

- Judging Criteria :

- Entry Rules & Guidelines :

  1. Maximum of four players and a minimum of two players can play at a time.
  2. Each player stands on the space that says 'start here';.
  3. Take turns rolling the dice. Move forward to the number of spaces shown on the dice.
  4. If you land at the bottom of a ladder, you can move up to the top of the ladder.
  5. If you land on the head of a snake, you must slide down to the bottom of the snake.
  6. The first player to get to the space that says 'home' is the winner.
  7. Time duration of each successive game is a maximum of 20 minutes.
  8. If the game is not finished within the stipulated time limit, the player having the highest number is considered as winner.


Player completed the game or having highest number will consider as the winner of that particular game.

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