Coding Relay Race

Event Id : 356

Event Name : Coding Relay Race

Event Brief :

Welcome to the exhilarating world of the Coding Relay Race! This event promises to test not only your coding prowess but also your agility and coordination like never before. Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey where speed, precision, and teamwork are the keys to success.

Event Coordinator :

             Prof. Nishith Kotak (ICT Department, MA157,
             Prof. D. D. Zala (ICT Department, MA151,

Student Coordinator :

  1. Darshan Padia ( )
  2. Aryan Langhanoja (
  3. Nidhi Dattani (
  4. Vidya Sinha (
  5. Meet Butani (
  6. Payal Makwana (

Event Date and Time :

Round 1:  14-03-2024 @ 12 PM to 2 PM 
Round 2:  15-03-2024 @ 9.30 AM to 11.30 AM

Location :

MA 115, MA 102

Rules / Guidelines / Judging Criteria For Coding Relay Race

- Judging Criteria :

Event Overview: 
The Coding Relay Race is a high-energy competition designed to challenge teams of four participants in a test of both coding skills and physical dexterity. In this event, teams will race against the clock to solve coding problems and perform bottle flips while striving to achieve the fastest time and secure a comfortable spot. The bottle will be filled with water (from one-third to two-third portion).

--> Event Flow: 
      - The timer starts, signaling the beginning of the race.
     - The first participant in each team is presented with a coding question. Upon successfully solving the problem and passing the test cases, they proceed to perform a bottle flip.
      - Only after successfully completing the bottle flip, the next participant in line receives the next coding question and begins solving it.
      - This sequence continues until all four participants have completed their coding tasks and bottle flips.
      - The timer stops when the fourth participant completes their bottle flip.
      - Each team will be given 20 minutes only to complete all the 4 questions and hence bottle flips.

Need any lifeline?:
Each team has a lifeline called "PASS" (can be used once by the team for either passing the question or passing the bottle flip to next member). The team can "quit" (either the question or bottle flip).

Round-1 will have easy to moderate level question, while Round-2 will have moderate level questions.

The primary objective of the Coding Relay Race is to complete the coding tasks and bottle flips as quickly as possible. Teams must demonstrate not only technical proficiency in coding but also quick thinking, coordination, and teamwork to succeed in this dynamic event.

The points will be measured according to the overall performance. Shortlisted teams will proceed to Round-2. The round 2 will have same nature, but with increased difficulty in code and bottles. The final judgement will be based on the speed, accuracy and efficiency.

- Entry Rules & Guidelines :

The team size will be of maximum 4 people, that means can range from 2-4.

Every Code will have pre-defined points(if all testcases are passed). Incase of failing some testcases, weighted points will be kept accordingly.
Every successful bottleflip will also have positive points. "Passing" will result in some demerit points. "Quitting" would directly result in 0 points for that entire attempt, while passing will give the chance to your other team player to complete that attempt.


Top teams will be decided as per the MU Fest core committee norms

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