Open Mic

Event Id : 318

Event Name : Open Mic

Event Brief :

The event is organized to provide a platform for students to showcase their hidden talents

Event Coordinator :

Prof. Aarzoo Haji
Prof. Mudra Dave
Prof. Niti Vachhani
Prof. Dhruvi Vora

Student Coordinator :

Nishtha Panjwani
Jyoti Karamchandani
Niyati Patel
Jamila Malkani
Maharshi Padiya
Rudra Sadrani
Darshan Segaliya
Mansi Parmar
Trusha Bhalodiya
Foram Dadhaniya

Event Date and Time :

13-03-24 14-03-24 11.30 AM to 5 PM, 9.30 AM to 4.30 PM

Location :

B Wing back Foyer

Rules / Guidelines / Judging Criteria For Open Mic

- Judging Criteria :

- Entry Rules & Guidelines :

1. Abusive words in Rap and stand-up comedy are strictly prohibited
2. For Rap Hustle and Bathroom singing the time limit is 2 minutes
3. For Stand up comedy the time limit is 4 minutes
4. One participant can take part in one category only
5. The judges' decision will be considered as final


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