Event Id : 368

Event Name : Extempore

Event Brief :

There is a fine-line difference between correctly speaking and correctly expressing yourself. Delivering a great and beautiful garland-like speech from flower-like words is an excellent virtue in itself. It's evident from our history that great speakers have become great leaders. Now it's your turn to show your excellence in speaking by delivering your opinion in the best possible way.

Event Coordinator :

Viral Tolia <viral.tolia@marwadieducation.edu.in>,
Alpeshkumar Ganatra <alpeshkumar.ganatra@marwadieducation.edu.in>,
Vijay Das <vijay.das@marwadieducation.edu.in>

Student Coordinator :

Mehta naitry
Kurpali madhak
Rootvi natwani 

Event Date and Time :

13-03-24 11.30 AM to 2.30 PM

Location :

SB 903

Rules / Guidelines / Judging Criteria For Extempore

- Judging Criteria :

Participants will be judged on the following criteria.




Voice projection/Inflection


Facial Expressions


Eye Contact



Clear presentation of idea

Worthwhile Message

- Entry Rules & Guidelines :


1.     The speech is intended to reveal a competitor’s ability to develop a point of view on a general topic and to deliver an impromptu speech within limited preparation time.

2.     Each participant will be given 3 minutes to speak extempore on a topic given to him/her. extending more than 3 minutes will lead to direct disqualification. 

3.     any one random topi can be given by the judges.  

4.     If any problems arise, the final authority for decision-making rests with the management authority

5.     This is an individual event, allowing only one entry per person.

6.     Judges will be looking for clarity of thought, logical organization, sincerity and the effective use of plain English.

7.     In the case of a tie, the winner will be decided by the panel of judges by mutual discussion.

8.     Participants shall be disqualified at the very moment under the following circumstances: Misbehaving with judges, event managers, volunteers, On speaking anything which degrades or disrespects any caste, creed, culture, and religion

9.     The medium of the speech should be  English, Hindi, Gujarati out of 3 anything is prefect. 

10.  The competition consists of two rounds. In the first round, students will receive a random topic and have 5 minutes to prepare their response.

11.  Successful participants from round one will advance to round two, where they will again receive a random topic. This time, they will have 15 minutes to prepare.

12.  Any student exceeding the allotted time limit of 3 minutes will be disqualified from either round one or round two.



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