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Rules & Regulation - Fashion Show 2024: 1. It is a team event. 2. A team can have Min 8- Max 12 members. (Including participants, and one coordinator). 3. Type of Event: Elimination + Final 4. Time limit for every team would be 8 minutes (Including setup and the performance both). 5. Theme selection is open to the team. 6. Each group should have one tag line representing their group and the theme 7. Team/Co-ordinator Should submit their tracks in pen drive in mp4 format 3 days prior to the student coordinator of event. 8. No tube tops, dress should not be shorter than knee length. 9. Vulgarity is strongly prohibited. Any form of obscenity will lead to debarring the team from the show 10. Unwanted / Objectionable objects like bikes, pets, fire-crackers etc. shall not be allowed. Teams can be disqualified for the usage of same. 11. Use of cigarettes, alcohol and any unfair means is strongly prohibited. 12. Teams will be judged on costumes, theme, walking stance, attitude and relevance of formation with the theme. 13. Decision of the judges will be final and binding. 14. Audition round will be conducted. 15 The final team for the Finale of Fashion Show will be shortlisted after the audition round. 16 Per team registration fees for the fashion show competition is Rs.4000, Initially, per team need to pay Rs.500 for audition and the shortlisted team after audition for the finale need to pay the remaining amount of Rs.3500. 17. The finale shall have 2 rounds at the venue. • Round 1: Elimination round: All the teams will be given. Max.8 min to present their theme for this round. • Final Round 2: Final round: Selected teams out of the total teams would move to this round. Max. 3 min will be given to each team to present their sequence. 18. You can change the props if you wish. Costume changing is not allowed. 19. All the teams will need to report to the venue before an hour with all participants. 20. Time management is a crucial part of the show. 21. The team sequence will be communicated in advance. Make sure that the participants are ready according to their sequence timing.

Event Coordinator :

Dr. Poonam Sharma
Prof. Paras Rughani
Dr. Meeta Joshi
Dr. Sagar Lalka
Dr. Rahul Trivedi

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14-02-24 7 PM onwards

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