Pharma KBC

Event Id : 337

Event Name : Pharma KBC

Event Brief :

Pharma KBC is a quiz related to the Health Science domain. Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Nursing students can participate in the Pharma KBC Quiz.

Event Coordinator :

Mrs. Hiral Kaushik Kapuriya

Student Coordinator :

Sahil Thakkar
Aman yadav

Event Date and Time :

14/Mar/2024 9.30 AM to 11.30 AM

Location :

Seminar hall

Rules / Guidelines / Judging Criteria For Pharma KBC

- Judging Criteria :

Based on Score covered during Quiz

- Entry Rules & Guidelines :

Students will be divided in group of 3 Students in each team. The first round will be online screening round using Quizizz online platform. Based on the score of leaderboard on the portal teams will be invited on the dies.
 Round 1 :    General Round – Each team - a quota of 5 questions.

       In this round each team has its own quota of 5 questions.

      If the team, the question intended for gives a wrong answer, it will be passed to the next team. At the end quiz master will give the correct answer.

       The team members can discuss before answering.

      There is nonegative marking for the wrong answer.

      10 points areawarded for the correct answer.

Round 2:     Rapid Fire Round – Eachteam quota of 4 questions.

       Inthis round each team will be asked 5 questions one after another.

       Onthe immediate completion of a question, each team gets 20 seconds to answer it.

       Ifa team is not able to answer a question, they can pass it to the next question.

      There is no teamdiscussion in this round. 10 points is awarded for thecorrect answer. 05 negative points for the wrong answer.

       Oncea question is passed, the team cannot give an answer later.

Round 3:     Fastest Finger First – 12 questions in all

       Twelvequestions will be fired at all the teams one after another.

       Theteams can discuss among themselves and then press the buzzer/bell to answer thequestion first. No discussion is allowed after pressing the buzzer.

      The team thatpresses the buzzer/bell first gets a chance to answer it.

      10 points for thecorrect answer and minus 5 points for the wrong answer.

      If a team doesn’tanswer or gives wrong answers after the hey press buzzer they also lose 5points.

       Ifa team presses the buzzer before the question is over, they will be asked toanswer it without the question being completed.

       Thequestion has to be answered in 20 seconds.

       Ifa question is not answered by the first team who pressed the bell. The teamthat pressed the bell next gets to answer.

Round 4:     Visual round – 5 questions in all.

      There will be apicture with a quotation. The team has to complete the quotation. The teamhas 15 seconds to complete the quotation.

       Theteams will be made to see to a Visual clip.

       Questionswill be passed to the next team.

       10 points for the correct answer and minus 5 pointsfor the wrong answer.

Round 5:     In case of a tie.

       Incase of a tie after the 4th round, the tied teams get into the fastest fingerfirst.

       Rulesare similar to fastest finger first round

       If a team answers right they get 25 points. If theyanswer wrong, they get minus 25 points.


Winners will be give prize in category. That will be winner Team, First Runner Up, and Second Runner up. 

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