Tech Jumanji

Event Id : 365

Event Name : Tech Jumanji

Event Brief :

"Tech Jumanji" event could be a fun and engaging activity, blending elements of the classic Jumanji board game with modern technology themes. It is a technical event where student can have fun while learning about technology. It's set up so students can compete and show what they know about technology in computer domain. Plus, it's all about working together as a team and learning from each other.

Event Coordinator :

Prof. Jaydeep Ratanpara - 9924534393
Prof. Harsh Nagar - 9106572154
Prof. Paras Shingadiya - 9737098038

Student Coordinator :

Kruti vadaliya - 9054471457
Astha Gadhiya - 8849132353
Axi Goswami - 9904296910
Mohit Karia - 9081420103
Borad pragnesh - 7046940820
Charchil Radadiya - 9510439233
Diya Gohel - 9316706652
Tanvi Vamja - 8320706719
Priyanshi Vekariya - 9870079618

Event Date and Time :

13-03-24, 14-03-24, 14-03-24 11.30 AM to 5 PM, 9.30 AM to 2 PM, 2 PM to 3 PM

Location :

A Wing Back Foyer

Rules / Guidelines / Judging Criteria For Tech Jumanji

- Judging Criteria :

Judging criteria for Tech Jumanji include completion of challenges, problem-solving, teamwork and solving the problems given to team. Team reaching Home early will be winner.

- Entry Rules & Guidelines :

Student can Form a Team of minimum 2 and maximum 4 members.
There will be 4 teams playing at a time.
1 team will be winner out of 4 teams.
Each team will get chance to roll the dice like Ludo game.
To move ahead team will have to answer the given MCQ question.
Questions will be technical only.
For wrong answer team cannot move ahead as well they have to pick penalty cheat from bowl and perform the task.
First one reach Home will be winner.


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