Ad-Mad Show

Event Id : 372

Event Name : Ad-Mad Show

Event Brief :

AD MAD SHOW is an 'Advertisement Making Competition' to showcase creativity in marketing products and services. The event is an opportunity to bring out the individual and collective talent of the students participating in it. It comprises humorous and conceptual presentations by the student.

Event Coordinator : 

Student Coordinator :


Event Date and Time :

14-03-24, 15-03-24 2 PM to 4 PM, 9.30 AM to 11.30 AM

Location :

SB 904

Rules / Guidelines / Judging Criteria For Ad-Mad Show

- Judging Criteria :

1. Ability to attract audience's attention.

2. Concept of ad, Original ideas 

3. Team work

4. Voice modulation

5. Ability to highlight the idea of product with minimum efforts

6. Overall presentation

- Entry Rules & Guidelines :

1.     Participants in this event are required to create advertisements for products or services in a manner that is appealing to the audience. Presentations must adhere to a strict three-minute time limit; exceeding this time will result in immediate disqualification for the team.

2.     The ad prepared by the contestants must not contain any obscene words/any subject that hurts the feelings of a culture/language/religion/region. 

3.     Teams will be required to come up with the innovative ads. Based on the creativity and how innovative the ad is, teams will be shortlisted by the jury. 

4.     Teams have to make a new product name, punch line and advertise the product/brand given to them. 

5.     The teams must bring with them there own  camera, digital camera, pen drive, and all the other equipment’s required by them for presenting their Advertisement. 

6.     Judging is done on the basis of team’s creativity, customer appeal and stage presence, spontaneity, content, adherence to the topic, on-stage presentation, coordination and overall appeal of the advertisement.

7.     Disobedience of rules may lead to disqualification. 

8.     The decision of the judge is final and abiding.

9.     Participants should bring institute’s ID card along with them at the time of registration and must report on the scheduled time. 

10.  Each team should have  minimum and maximum 3 to 5  members only, And there will be 2 round first elimination and final

11.  For Round 1, students will unleash their creativity by generating their own topics and ideas for their advertisements. In Round 2, the challenge gets even more exciting as students are presented with topics or ideas by the organizers. They'll then have dedicated preparation time to craft their advertisements.

12.  For Round 1, each team will be allotted a generous 5 minutes of preparation time. In Round 2, teams will have a more extensive 15-minute preparation period to fine-tune their strategies and presentations.

13.  The caution should be taken to refrain from displaying obscenity, violence, prejudice, defamation etc. in Advertisement.

14.  Winners will be determined based on the combined scores from both rounds, and prizes or recognition will be awarded accordingly.


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